Simon C.H. Lai

Spiritual Author



Simon C.H. Lai is an author living in Australia who has written numerous spiritual books. Software engineer by trade he is highly technical in logical and abstract thinking which he believes is part of his fundamental basis, he shares his ideas via books in a unique way. Pen named as Mystic Buddha, where the coined word Buddha is taken from his journey to enlightenment. Born on the 27th of November 1980, in the Chinese calendar, he is born on the day of the wood dragon where the day born is the characterisation of himself. The wood Dragon can be a good or bad omen in mythology and from his life experiences, he thought symbol was quite fitting characterisation for his past spiritual events. Enlightenment is what he strives for, seeking for his salvation as well as others. He believes the sensible deeds he done in the spiritual realm, makes him too an awaken being striving for enlightenment. He wrote numerous books to promote his theories which he had firsthand experienced, shared in various materials such as published books and online material.